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Christofer Drew - youtube covers


February 7th birthday an incredibly talented man, it really is little I can say about him but only to know and be able to hug him has been the best things who happened in my life. This where this desire that has the best birthday ever

If you want to sing out, sing out (Cat Stevens Cover) 

oh shit... this perfect face...


I really just wanted to just dedicate a post to someone who literally has only brought happiness and enlightenment into my life. I can’t really put into words how much Chris Drew means to me. Chris honestly just means the world to me and I could never thank him enough for just the kind and selfless person that he is. I owe him a lot for just helping me grow as a person and I think he is one of the most wonderful person we have around right now. He literally has only ever tried to spread things he cares about. He works and has worked so hard for everything he has and that is the most inspiring thing in the world. Honestly can’t thanks him enough for changing my life.